Saw most of the webinar.  It was inspirational, but I wish we had had a collective advocacy action together, like sending the manifesto to our elected officials the same way we send comments in the chat.  The kids who would have click that sent push would have had a very personal collective commitment to their right to systemic change, after all, nature is the children's property.  In a decade, I will be 75 years old.  I hope to have made some difference in this area before I move on to my final sleep.

The speakers were great and the collective effort united us in purpose.  Now is up to us to live on our planet watching our personal choices, starting with small choices like less meat, replace arrogance, and greed with the knowledge of interdependence and that everything on earth is living and needs to be respected, protected, and nurtured.  We must get to Net Zero because we do not have two planets to live on.  The only other planet that once was like earth, Mars, the trip takes 3 years and the infrastructure for us to survive is not there yet.  Net Zero is an existential action and we must convert the "PRIMA DONNAS" to take this existential journey with us.

My six week PP has the emerging ABC book my grandchildren and I are creating as we continue to learn together about Climate Change and we begin to take small actions like planting trees, creating temporary homes for lonely bees, cleaning oceans, and using their curiosity to investigate and create new ways to eco-friendly ways of life.

From the webinar, I am going to follow-up on the Legos, Build the Change, subscribe, and do some of the lessons of Roots and Shoots, and investigate further Global Citizen and Roman

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such hearth ware for the earth experience.