Carmen Clay

Co-teacher: Mark Clay
Granparents learning and teaching grandchildren about Global Warming.  Third year of participation.  Children ages 4 and 6 years old


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School: Grandma's Family Homeschool 2 students are involved

Projects 2022

Week 1, 2022, Weather, Climate, Climate Change, Causes

Grandma's Family Homeschool has two different levels this year, one 4-year-old and one 6-year old.  Our journey can be viewed at OUR TAG STORY

Our pre-schooler is into making hearts, decorating them with messages of peace and love, playing sports, and making letters and words.  She started the year planting some ornamental peppers and is observing how they are growing with interest.  Her contribution to our Climate Action School's logo was "Love nature".   She traced the words Weather and Climate in our Climate Action Box.  Then, she decorated the areas below the box with her understanding of weather, which shows improvement over last year.  I added a video on how to measure weather and what professionals should be trusted on getting the weather to us.  My 4-year-old said that the video was good for her brother, not for her.  As for climate, she said she did not know what it was. She was going to ask Alexa. She viewed the video of Our Home and realized, the earth is her home.

Our first grader defined weather and climate in the context of feelings as he was having a not so peaceful second week at his regular school.  He has created a lost and found corner in his class but he is not as focused in the 4 R's as he was last year.  He is interested in climbing, playing soccer, and creating a business.  His science interest this year is Water. His contribution to our school logo was "Respect Nature."  He has also embraced the idea of maybe planting American Elms for Global Tree Planting on Earth Day.  The American Elm is the state tree of their home state and a tree that has deep roots in the history of my adoptive state of Oklahoma. It is a symbol of resilience at our Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum.  The Survivor Tree at the Memorial Park is an American Elm.  I wrote to the Museum educator coordinator and the park ranger responsible for the seedlings of the survivor tree.  I await their reply to see if we can plant three seedlings of the Survivor Tree in Mass.  I also contacted the librarian at his school, who also was his kindergarten teacher.  She connected me to  He traced the letters for climate change/global warming and viewed part of a video on climate change.  

Through "What's Up", I connected to a teacher in Croatia who is teaching 4-7-year-olds.  She shared her lesson plan and suggestions to keep my four-year old engaged. I was happy to hear that she also follows her students' interests. It has been challenging to get time to focus on our tasks for this week.