the Climate Action project

To be launched in October 2019 for the third consecutive time. Teachers, join us!

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Fact: Our climate is changing! This is not a hoax! For this inspiring global project 500 schools over 100 countries will collaborate on climate change topics over the course of four exciting weeks! Students from across six different continents will explore, brainstorm, discuss, create, connect, present and share their findings a via weekly videos. During the final week of the project, all participants will have the opportunity to have a live, virtual interacdtion with their global peers.
Together, we hope to instil a greater understanding in our students of the importance of taking action against climate change.

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"What’s better than learning about global issues directly from each other?"

Let's change the world by bringing it into our classrooms

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Participating schools

Year 4 students
9th F Manuela Prajea
Espinho, Portugal
Ojola Kadero Primary School