His Holiness the Dalai Lama

His Holiness Dalai Lama quote Climate Action

dr. Jane Goodall

Jennifer Morgan - Executive Director Greenpeace International


Bunny Mcdiarmid - Executive Director Greenpeace International

Dr. Jennifer Languell (USA) - star of Discovery Channel series "Project Earth"

Watch the Project Earth Engineering the Future on YouTube.

Jess Cramp (Cook Islands) - National Geographic Explorer

Read more about Jess Cramp at nationalgeographic.com


Kumi Naidoo (South Africa) - former director Greenpeace

More about Kumi's bio and mission

Anthony Salcito (USA) - VP Microsoft Education Corp


Céline Cousteau - Filmmaker and Explorer

www.celinecousteau.com - watch her TED talk

Alexander De Croo - Deputy Prime Minister Belgium

Watch his video message: https://youtu.be/KcQaZxByv-Y 

Fatima Claudino (Portugal) - UNESCO

Read Fatima's message

Katherine Bassett (USA) - National Network of State Teachers of the Year


dr. Jennifer Williams (USA) - United Nations' Global Goals Educator Task Force

Discover dr. Williams' vision.

Canadian Geographic Education



Stephen Ritz (USA) - Green Bronx Machine

Read more about Stephen

Jessie Hendricks (USA) - Actress

Read more about Jessie

Jennifer Nolan


Frank Deboosere - Belgian Weather Presenter

Watch his video message!

Nadja Vananroye (Belgium)- Mayor Hasselt


Rob Drummond (Australia)


Dr João Manso Neto (Portugal)

CEO of EDPR renewable energy.

dr. Marie-Christine Ghanbari Jahromi (Germany)

Read Marie's story: https://www.varkeyfoundation.org/blog/education-key-combating-climate-ch...

Peter Ferris (Northern Ireland)

Read Peter's story


Detlev Jöcker (Germany) - Singer & Songwriter


Wim Swerts (Belgium) - Cartoonist


Er Anuj Sinha (India) - Scientist

Read more

Willy Schuyesmans (Belgium) - Author