Projects of Week 5

Week 5: Action Project Development and Presentation
Week 5

Placed by Carmen Clay 2020/Oct/31
North America USA


Well, as I expected, I am still going solo on the week's schedule, but my grandchildren have indirectly decided what the project will be.  My grandson FaceTime one day very interested in continuing to learn how to make letters, especially because he had figured out how to write his name in uppercase letters.  I am teaching him how to read in Spanish using a program I remember using when I was his age.  It is called Coquito.  Coquito was invented by a Peruvian pre-school educator who turned 95 years old this year.  So, our project is raising awareness of climate change in the pre-school and kindergarten population by creating an alphabet book. So far, I am using the Spanish alphabet and I am attempting to do the words bilingually.  

The structure of the alphabet will change as we go through the lessons, but in the 5th week PP you will find the beginning of it with the letter A for astronauts as both of my grandchildren dressed up as astronauts for Halloween 2020.  We also have done the words for Winter and Winter Climate and Fall Climate.  I need to point out that my older grandchild still does not understand the difference between seasons and weather, therefore, the climate has not been targeted yet, but soon will as we look through the lens of sending a note to the space station.  

During a breakfast conversation this week, my grandson asked me if I knew about the colors of the planets and the solar system as he was very excited about being an astronaut for Halloween.  He had a placemat with the Solar System and he proceeded to teach me about the colors in it.  As I also sent him an inflated space ship, he was going to blast off to those planets soon.  I told him I was going to add astronaut, space ship, the space station to our growing Alphabet.   An ABC of Caring for Mother Earth and the Solar System.  My granddaughter was only interested in showing me the bow in her hair she was going to wear for Halloween.  Her astronaut suit did not generate the same level of excitement as in my grandson.  The space ship did though.  Maybe because I only sent one inflatable and her brother was so excited to blast off in his astronaut suit. 

I showed my grandson an abbreviated version of the space station and astronauts telling about what they do there.  He was eating breakfast and kind of showed some interest.  I asked him if he wanted to write something to the astronauts in the space station.  He said he would, but he had to think about what he would say.


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