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School: Unified club Naša škola ekonomska 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 12-18 Year

Projects 2022

Unified club about climate changes

Climate change represents shifts in temperature and weather. These changes used to be normal, but since the bad human's influence, they got worse for nature.

Due to climate changes, deserts are expanding, wildfires are more common, storms are more intensive...

Global climate change is the biggest threat to health and humans in 21st century.

So many of these impacts are already felt, and it will be so much worse if we don't change our bad habbits and lifestyle.

Štitovo reforestation

Unified club volunteers reforested locality in Štitovo, in Župa Nikšićka, which was affected by large fires in previous years. Štitovo's perspective was pretty sad in some views. Large parts of this place gives image of wasteland, while in some parts the forest is preserved. We planted 500 spruce's seedlings and tried to make our modest contribution to improving the eco system of this area. Many other students from elementary schools, as well as some of the citizens, joined us in that adventure. The day was sunny, full of cheerful mood and great company. We know that this number of seedlings is modest, but we have so many new plans to continue where we left. We believe that anybody who wants this area to be improved, should join our forces. The organizers of the activity are prof. Milica Kovačević and prof. Branka Vukotić. This afforesting action is one of many series of activities in Unified team. The seedlings and other expenses were financed by the Municipality of Nikšić.

Together we protect the environment

Unified club, School for children with intelectual dissabilities, NVO Alfa cetntar and RE community organisation together reforestated Eco park Blace. Volunteers of our Unified club were teaching children with dissabilities how to plant a tree and by doing this help our planet.


Our club want to encourage young students to protect the environvment. We have a lot of activities about ths theme, and do our best to protect the planet. Since we have established the club, we were included in many projects like reforestation Trebjesa and Štitovo, arrangement of green areas,and cleaning the forest of thrash.Invite all young students to take care of their coummunities.

Exchange ideas between students

On the meetings related to this topic, a wide range of ideas were discused and they shared different attitudes. Together we came to agreement that it is very important to have your own view of the situation and do your best to make it better. The main topic of the discusion was the way we give our contibution for making a planet a better place for all of us. Therefore, everyone needs to give everything thay can to save the environment. 

Things to do

  • Volunteer work
  • Helping others 
  • Raising awareness about environmental issues
  • Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle


Images by Milica Kovačević 2022-10-08Kovačević
Images by Milica Kovačević 2022-10-08Kovačević
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Images by Milica Kovačević 2022-10-14Kovačević
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Images by Milica Kovačević 2022-11-06Kovačević