Larisa Gubina

Co-teacher: Victoria Serjan
My name is Larisa Gubina. I am from Moldova. I work as an English teacher at a state school. My teaching experience is more than 30 years. I try to involve my students to participate in different projects . We took part in the i-EARN international projects and also were active members of the national projects dedicated to GYSD and US goals.


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School: IPLT Nicolae Milescu Spataru 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 14-17 Year

Projects 2022

Team Smile , lyceum N.M. Spataru, Chisinau, Moldova

During the first week students of 4 grades (10A, 10B, 12A,12C) learnt about causes of climate change. In each grade the members of the school team "SMILE" delivered the presentations and organized discussions, As a result we created our longest list of causes. 

Team " Smile" , lyceum N. M. Spataru, Moldova, Week2

This week students learnt about effects of climate change. Members of team "Smile" prepared presentations on the topic and delivered them at the lessons. Then the students discussed the topic and created the longest list of effects. 

Also the students watched some reports made by our partners all around the words. Students were impressed by these reports and shared impressions and shared impressions and share impressions in class. 

Team "Smile", lyceum N. M. Spataru, Moldova, Week 3

This week the students of our lyceum disscussed the local problems and learnt the global ones. First of all members of the team "Smile" prepared presentations about ecological problems in Moldova and delivered them in front of the classmates. Students created the posters on this topic. 10B form had an online meeting with partners from Macedonia and 12A form met with students from India. During the online lessons students exchanged and disscussed information about their participation in the project , about Climate Change in their countries. Also we saw the reports  "Week 2" of partners from all around the world and shared our impressions. 

Team "Smile", lyceum N. M. Spataru, Moldova, week 4

During week 4 we talked about solutions. Team 'Smile' prepared some presentations and discussed the Problems and Solutions with classmates. One of the task is to be informed. Together with the teacher of geography Aliferova Ludmila we organized the contest of ecological posters. Students of 6th and 7th form learnt about climate change at the lesson of ecology and drew very beautiful pictures. Also we watched and discussed our partners'  reports. The great event of this week was the webinar organized by LEGO. We liked David's message greatly and now we would like to take part in Lego's project. Our video report will be a little later because of many test we had before autumn vacation. 

Team "Smile" , lyceum N.M.Spataru, Chisinau, Moldova

This week we discussed solutions and created a poster on this theme. We continued to present presentations for students of our school. Also we worked on Lego Build the Change Project and created some ideas how to make life a little bit greener. 

team "Smile", lyceum N.M.Spataru, Chisinau, Moldova

It was the last week of the project. First of all we took part in Climate Action Day. It was amazing. We created some more presentations on different ecological problems and organized the contest of posters. As an action our school work on the project Green school. All students of the school make their parts of school yard greener, they plant trees, bushes, flowers, clean the yard from rubbish. 

Right now we analyze everything that was done .We are looking forward to the next year project. 


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