Delia, Romania, CNTLR

Delia Brisc

Co-teacher: Serpe Adriana
Sunt profesor pentru învățământul primar în România și doresc să-i implic pe elevi în cât mai multe activități interesante, care să contribuie la dezvoltarea lor ca și viitori tineri ai societății.


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Clasa a IV-a SBS Romania
School: Colegiul Național Traian Lalescu Reșița 28 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-11 ani Year

Projects 2021

Planet control

The project aims to make students aware of the importance of maintaining the healt of our planet.

It s time to be responsible!

Students read about the effects of global warming and experienced the use of natural resources.

Week 3 21567






We can help our planet

We build communities that use natural resources wisely, we talked about the Earth` s resources, we found solutios to protect the planet, in our city, capitalizing on the specifics of the area, we ate healty at a party.

I m a builder!

We have reproduced through drawing nand with the help of lego pieces messages through which we want to convince the world that is time to make major changes in our behavior.

We are happy to be part of this project!

The students discussed the problems related to the pollution of our city, they wrote a letter to the mayor of the city in which they came up with ideas that can reduce pollution. We are also glad that we participated in a wonderful project in which people take care of our planet.