Camelia Dochie

Co-teacher: Daniela Dicianu
I am a teacher of English in a high school with bilingual classes of English. So far, I have done European projects on volunteering and environment. I am interested in raising awareness on environmental and educational issues

School: "George Calinescu" High School, Constanta 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 15-19 Year

Projects 2022

Humans are the cause of climate change

Not only in science classes, but also in English classes students had debates on the causes of climate change and the common conclusion reached was that the man is the evil behind all the changes brought about to the Earth.  They searched the history of mankind and concluded that the beginning of the climate change started together with the Industrial Revolution. In the last 200 years, nature has undergone a lot of bad changes, some of them irreversible. The steps that are being taken nowadays are the following; to find the causes, to realise the effects and to find solutions to slow down the climate change. It is important for the people, especially for the youth, to take urgent measures to reduce pollution and to recycle. The students of our school are determined to do what they can to help protect the environment and raise awareness in their community. 

What has happened to our planet?

Students have been doing research on causes and effects of the climate change locally. The effects of climate change can be noticed in the following situations : birds which leave the Black Sea Coast  much later than usually, flowers which bloom at the beginning of winter etc. The climate change also affects the crops, reducing their quantities. Although young and with little scientific background, children and teenagers altogether are preoccupied with the future of the Earth, as it is the only place to live in. Our school students are interested in exchanging ideas and opinions with students from other schools, in order to find solutions and explanations. 

You harvest what you sow

The students point out that all the effects of the climate change are the result of pollution, which comes from fumes from too many cars, from industrial plants and so on, and that can be visible in the thinning of the ozone layer, in the number of species on the verge of extinction, in the deterioration of people's health. Measures should and can be taken, on condition that people become more aware and responsible. The younger generation has the important role to awake the mankind  before it is too late.

Causes and effects are interrelated

Students and teachers tried to understand if, what and how we can do to stop climate change and protect the environment. They watched videos and activities from other countries and compared our climate to other types of climate from other countries.

What happens,due to the climate change, locally, in Cta

The students did research, according to their possibilities, to find out how badly the ecosystem has been affected locally by the  climate change and how things could be remediated. They realised that there should be a common effort, that steps can be taken not only by the government or local authorities, but also by the local citizens in every part of the country/world. Each of us should be held responsible for our actions and that strict measures should be taken, starting with harsh ones (heavy fines for damaging the environment) and ending with competitions/contests for protecting the enviroment and raising awareness. 

Summing Up

Conclusions were drawn, plans for the future were made, mistakes were assessed. Students and teachers learnt, apart from the project itself, that sharing and caring could help us sove all the problems.


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