Belmira Pinto

Co-teacher: Anabela Gonçalves
Dear community, My name is Belmira Pinto and I'm an English teacher who works at Escola Secundária Almeida Garrett, Vila Nova de Gaia, in Portugal.  


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School: Escola Secundária Almeida Garrett 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 16-17 Year

Projects 2022

Climate change: its causes in Vila Nova de Gaia

This is the result of the research work done by a group of students who attend Escola Secundária Almeida Garrett, in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. In this first week's work, the students debated the definition of climate change, researched upon its causes in the students' neighbourhood, created a list of causes, took some photos and created a PowerPoint presentation. Bearing all this mind, they finally created this video.

The effects of climate change at local level

In this video, the students disseminate their findings concerning the local effects of climate change on plants, animals, weather patterns and human activity and lifestyle.

Climate change: causes and effects at a global scale

This video compiles the different actions the students developed in this week. On the padlet that we hereby share there are several presentations done by the students who directly or indirectly work on this valuable project. On the Padlet Map, we would like to have other students attending different school in every single continent to either present a solution or raise awareness to other environmental threats. We would appreciate this global interaction. Thank you for cooperating with us.

Finding solutions and brainstorming on possible prototypes

The students, Earth's champions, looked for possible solutions and started brainstorming on possible solutions to fight and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Virtual interaction and development of the students' prototypes

This video compiles the work done in this week: a virtual interaction where our students shared their prototypes to pupils from a school in Dubai. These also shared their prototypes. This video also shows the purpose of the website and its design proccess.

Development and dissemination of the students' prototypes

This video shows and disseminates one of the three final products of this class prototypes: a website (globally), an Instagram account (globally) and training sessions destined to teens attending the 7th form locally.


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Images by Belmira Pinto 2022-11-27Pinto
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