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School: Blended learning 30 students are involved

Projects 2022

Causes of climate change

The students researched and explored the causes of climate change in their country, Syria, and designed pdf, PowerPoint and video files, in addition to my students and I participating in the opening event of the Climate Action 2022 project

Climate Change Results

I and my students met through Google Meet to define tasks for each team and divide them into teams.. Team 1 works on software to design projects on the Minegraft, Cosspace and Scratch platform on the causes and consequences of climate change.. Another team is working on environmentally friendly hand projects and the third team is designing recycling models  From the harmonization of the environment.. Then we agreed to hold defamation campaigns in the fourth week of the global climate action project

My students and I also attended an informative and entertaining session on climate change as a puppet play with Climate Change Project Coordinator Kalyani Rowe within the suchana programme.

Environmentally friendly solutions

I have followed up on students’ projects on computers, as well as environmentally friendly projects that depend on converting energy from thermal to electrical through a design that depends on the thermal difference and its parts consist entirely of environmental synthesis.  A close-up placed in a reflective incinerator


Virtual class meeting

Several virtual classes were held with India and the Philippines, and knowledge was exchanged between students about climate changes in their countries and how they can be addressed and necessary measures taken by them.


My students and I have devised several initiatives in support of the climate action project, and all of them were approved by the Director of Education in my city and pledged to help us spread them in all schools in the Syrian governorates

These initiatives are: 1- Cleaning and planting school gardens and public parks on the roads, and documenting the event with the Land Program.  2- A box and life map for student Sam Hassan, in which he employs a climate action map, where an apology and pledge card is attached to the living organism, whether an animal or plant threatened with extinction, in its place on the map, after they search for this organism and determine the cause and consequences of its life threat. 3- Biological sustainability initiative for students, the Sam brothers  +Zulfiqar +Mounir Jameh conduct an awareness campaign about the harms of plastic and conduct live experiments in front of their peers on how to melt plastic and make bioplastics.  4- The Wamda Environmental Sensitivity Initiative for students, the brothers Malak + Mustafa + Alia Janoudi.  The aim is to take advantage of plastic glassware covers and draw beautiful paintings on them expressing the damages of global warming and pollution to water, air and soil and their impact on organisms


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