What is climate change?
Week 2

Placed by Susanna Jilka 2017/Oct/15
PMS der PH Wien
Europe Austria

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Climate change: causes and consequeces
Week 2

Placed by Manuela Correia 2017/Oct/14

Climate Change: Causes and Effects in Portugal
Week 2

Placed by Manuela Valentim 2017/Oct/14

Oltea Doamna School vision
Week 1

Placed by Mirela Tanc 2017/Oct/14

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Climate action, week 2
Week 2

Placed by Olivier Dijkmans 2017/Oct/14

Project week 2
Week 2

Placed by Jaana, Petri, Janne, etc 2017/Oct/14

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Effects from Climate change
Week 2

Placed by Maja Videnovik 2017/Oct/13
prrimary school
Europe Macedonia

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