Projects of Week 1

Week 1- What is a climate change ? What is causing climate change locally ?
Week 1

Placed by Kriti Soni 2020/Oct/1
Millennium World School, Faridabad
Asia India


Working fruitfully towards this project in week-1 our students have immensly dedicated themselves towards understanding the root cause of climate change. They have also drawn up their conclusion and defination for climate change based on their observations, collection of data and analysis of same. They were dedicated towards enhancing their knowledge on the subject along with engaging themselves in activities to draw positive results. The students grew new plants, engaged themselves in activities to protect plants and widened up their horizons to preserve their environment which would ultimately lead to sustainable and suitable environment. Climate change project was taken up by them in week-1 with complete enthusiasm where the students learnt about the plants, their essentials and how they protect us and our evironment. They learnt about how they ultimately lead to a better climate worth living.

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