Projects of Week 1

Week 1 Climate Action Project
Week 1

Placed by Shiva Walia 2020/Oct/7
DPSI Gurugram
Asia India


Students worked in three different groups to achieve their desired goals related to week 1.

They could efficiently establish and share their definition of climate change on a padlet wall to achieve their Goal 1.

In their respective group, students very effectively created a PowerPoint Presentation to better understand the causes of climate change to achieve their Goal 2.

Students very innovatively displayed their creative thinking skills and presented a well-created collage wherein they could appropriately establish their personal connection to climate change and achieved their Goal 3.

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Images by Shiva Walia 2020-10-07Walia
Images by Daniela Șterbeț 2020-10-17Șterbeț
Images by Shiva Walia 2020-10-28Walia