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School: School,, Profesor Dinu Nicolae,, School Number 1 Putineiu 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-14 Year

Projects 2020

Climate change week 1

Climate change classroom discussion on this topic.Students wanted to record a video,they chose a leader to talk for them.

week 2

We discussed during our English classes about the effects of climate change.What changes appear in wheather aspect.Our mayor of the comunity had a great contribution in planting trees,he helped us together with our principal in having this activity of planting trees.

Week 3 Online connections with schools from around the world

It was a very interesting and engaging activity this week.We had the chance to connect with other schools from Europe and Asia.Every school presented their activities and children discussed about climate change in their countries.it was a successful collaboration.We reached all the goals.

Week 4

This week students made products of recyclable materials,they come with their work in class and presented to other students.The activity was successful.