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School: DLF Public School 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 8-12 Year

Projects 2021

Climate action and its causes

Mannat Arneja and Raadya Iyer of Grade 4 are explaining about Climate change and how it is caused and is increasing day-by-day which needs to be reduced to save our mother earth.

Students participated in different Climate action activities and games using various Ed-Tech tools.

A padlet link has been uploaded in presentation having different activities,games and live interactive worksheets on climate change and its causes.They made posters,videos on climate change and its causes.

Effects of Climate Change

Students are doing a lot of activities,making presentations,comic strips,videos on effects of climate change.

Global effects of Climate Change

Students explored and brainstormed about global effects of climate change.They make videos, presentations, posters etc.


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