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School: Ahmet Uluçay Bilim Ve Sanat Merkezi 10 students are involved The average age of the students: 13 Year

Projects 2020

What is climate change and what is causing climate change locally?

We are Ahmet Uluçay Science and Art Centre in Tavşanlı-Kütahya/TURKEY. We searched the topic "climate change" from reliable sources this week and we searched the local causes on climate change and we found some evidence around us. 


We planted 10 trees in our garden.

Climate Action Project classroom through virtual exchange!

We contacted with Richard Hainsworth teacher of Brigidine College from Sydney-Australia.By matching the schools, we sent videos to get to know each other better and presented our work on climate action.

Edible Water Bottles and Making Our Own Bioplastics!

We worked on some alternative solution for the climate change and pollution in the world and we conducted some experiments.

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Images by Remzi YILMAZ . 2020-10-04.
Images by Remzi YILMAZ 2020-10-11YILMAZ
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Images by Remzi YILMAZ 2020-10-27YILMAZ