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School: Lodha World school, Thane Maharashtra 10 students are involved The average age of the students: 7 - 8 Year

Projects 2020

Causes of Climate change

In this project my students of class II have done a research work on what Climate change is and what are its causes. They have complied their work in a video and they have also come to a conclusion that we the humans have brought about this climate change. Though they cannot have a hold on it completely, they have promised to work on this to save their future. They have a motto in their mind that together they can bring about the change and they will.

Effects of climate change in Thane, Maharashtra ( India)

This week kids researched about the effects of climate change on flora, fauna, human and weather. They spoke to their relatives and brainstormed about how our life is being affected by these changes. They even saw the videos of other countries and have concluded that untill and unless we dont stop all this we will never have a better future. 

Causes and effects globally.

My kids have done the research and had an interaction with the kids of the school and jotted the causes and effects globally.

Solutions of Climate change

This week my pupils have suggested solutions for climate change.

Interaction with the Mentor - Vlera

Global Change

In this week my Pupils wish to spread the message that Plantation will save our earth so plant more trees.


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