Olga Milićević

Co-teacher: Vesna Tomić Kovacević, Dragana Milić, Ivana Vuković, Marijana Blagojević, Brankica Savković, Jelica Veličković, Ana Jočić, Ana Savković,Julijana Petrović, Slađana Bogdanović
I am Preschool Teacher  with twenty-four years of experience. Particularly interested in the application of new technologies in working with children, cooperation with parents and colleagues, professional development. Active member of the eTwinning portal, the author and participant of several international projects. I believe in the goals of sustainable development.  Projects like this help us to work together and share our mission of creating a sustainable world. &n


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School: Preschool institution "Naša radost", Aleksandrovac 27 students are involved The average age of the students: 6 Year

Projects 2020

Preschool institution "Naša radost" Aleksandrovac: Climate Kids

What's the difference between weather and climate? What is climate change? Children notice changes in the climate, winters without snow, rainy summers ... We also talked about the consequences of climate change - especially about what happens to certain animals and plants ... Children believe that pollution, tree felling and people's neglect of the environment lead to climate change

Preschool institution "Naša radost" Aleksandrovac: From Local to Global

Effects of Climate Change

Preschool institution "Naša radost": From local to global

Virtual exchange from students from India and Serbia

Preschool institution "Naša radost" Aleksandrovac, Serbia

Our solutions

Preschool institution "Naša radost" and High School Sveti Trifun, Aleksandrovac, Serbia

Preschool institution "Naša radost" and High School "Sveti Trifun", Aleksandrovac, Serbia

Together against Climate Change

Preschool institution "Naša radost" Aleksandrovac, Serbia: Our Climate Actions

Taking action: Children send their message to adults and other children from our kindergarten, city...to the World


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