Milena Bartizar

A bilingual teacher in Brazil.


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Colégio Positivo
School: Colégio Positivo 16 students are involved The average age of the students: 6 Year

Projects 2020

Climate change is real in Brazil - First Grade

This week, our class researched and learned more about Climate change, especially in our country. This video contains some children's drawings of what it means to them. Each part of the video has a phrase said by students about their work or said in our class.

We hope you enjoy it!

Mrs. Bartizar's class.

The effects of climate change in Brazil - First Grade

This week we studied about the effects of climate change in Brazil and th world. The children made posters about it, and, planted some plants thinking about the deforastion.


The causes of climate change - First Grade

This week, we studied and researched about teh causes of climate change. So the children made some posters to show people that this problem is real.