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School: Tobb Ilkokulu 35 students are involved The average age of the students: 7-10 Year

Projects 2020


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We are planting seed

 STEM öğrencilerimle ilk olarak egzersiz bahçesi, kompozit, toprak ve geri dönüşüm yaptık.

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We are planting seed

 firstly we made exercise garden ,composit, soil and recycle with my STEM students .

stem activity

A problem situation was given to the students of the STEM class. The suitable solution suggestions were listed. The most suitable solution was determined.
later; the design was done
Air-powered car was designed with the waste materials given.
cars were raced


Climate change should start with raising awareness of 8-9 year old students.we should let them know more about our world.Asking the question what will be the end of our world?I made them see this problem.

Described with pictures, while describing they thought of the world like a baby.


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