Angeliki Kougiourouki


An enthousiastic primary school teacher in an Experimental Primary school. An eTwinning ambassador since 2015. A lifelong learner addicted to foster innovation and creaticity into my daily teaching. I hold a M.ed in Visual Culture from Trakya √úniversitesi, Turkey.

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School: 1st Experimental Primary School in Alexandroupolis

Our Projects

What is Climate change? Pupils from 1st Experimental primary school said.....

Brainstorming ideas and creating a climate change collaborative mind map with our friends from Navas Catalonia is our contribution to WHAT CLIMATE CHANGE IS.

Let's watch pupils explaining the results of their research

Climate Change in Greece-Cause and effects

What are the causes and effects of the climate change in Greece? Wach the video with the posters that pupils in 4rth grade made explaining the 2nd week's topic.

Giving solutions

Pupils in 4th grade from Greece suggest several solutions in order to change our attitude and try protect the environment so us to decrease the causes of the Climate change

Let's heat what they say to us....

Skype suggested solutions

During a videoconference via Skype we met our eTwinning partners from Navas, Catalonia and we suggested eachother several solutions to handle with Climate change.

Let's hear them, because all the people should have these solutions in mind.