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School: Batman Anadolu lisesi 150 students are involved The average age of the students: 14-16 Year

Projects 2021

Integrating climate change into language teaching through flipped learning

In this project, high school students were assigned to do some research about the climate change and its causes before the class on an online education platform and they presented their findings through ppt and poster presentations when they came to the classroom. Target vocabulary of the topic was used in English lesson. In this way, students' awareness through climate change increased and they practiced the language with an authenthic topic.

Students presentations about local and global effects of climate change

Students collected data about local and global effects of climate change and they presented them in the face to face lessons.

Week 3

Our students interviewed with our geography teachers and shared their results in the classroom. We also arranged a meeting with a partner From Israel to exchange information on zoom. 


Images by Hatice İğsen 2021-10-04İğsen
Images by Hatice İğsen 2021-10-11İğsen