Raihana Haque


I am a Head teacher since 6th December, 1999 and continued with satisfactorily till now. My passion was to teach kids. Children are very much innocent so that my dream comes true when I faced a government interview and got a chance to join as a teacher. My father also was a teacher. From my girlhood I observed my father, how to dedicate himself to improve the students’ capability and also enjoy his profession. Its hearten me to become a teacher. As the education rate of our country is not in the satisfactory level, we can’t reach the developed country status yet. However, children get admitted in the primary school but most of them don’t complete the curriculum. This problem is more acute for girls because of high rate of childhood marriage. It was an immense barrier of our primary education system. I thought if I  were a principle of a school then I can handle the problem strictly and also, I would create a way of reducing gender discrimination with the help of my colleague. It came true when I joined a school whose maximum students were girls. After that I made a plan to keep them at least five years to complete the cycle of primary schools. I even welcome them in my house for after class study thus helped them to achieve good results. In this way, more students participated in the scholarship examination and most of them were awarded by Bangladesh government scholarship every year. It was my great motivation and I do it till now. I am well known teacher beyond locality. All guardians inspire me when I take part any local and international workshop and competition. My superiors help a lot of British council’s online schools and Microsoft educator communities. I worked also in the Teacher portal of Bangladesh government which is called in Bangla (Shikkokh Batayon) national platform. Where I shared a lot of PowerPoint (PPT) subject based contents for students and teacher. I love using technology and always try to use new tools. I want to convey the world into my classroom for students as well as for colleagues by Skype sessions. Now a day, I am taking part in a lot Skype lesson and working for achieving a goal of a project  S.D.G with Argentina. I try to meet with supportive teacher for getting advice on how to enrich in my local area and country education system so that we enrich the quality of education. It is our government’s commitment. I encourage my students to collect teaching elements from near area which are available and cheap. I try to make my students thinking innovative by proving them with plenty of opportunity to create new things. So, in our local area we arrange teaching aids fair, there we display students and teachers creative things. This a one kind of competition where students can exchange their idea with other school’s students. I participated them in a virtual field trip by Skype session .

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School: Banshgari 1 government primary school


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