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Hello my name is Dinçer. I am the deputy director of Şehit Polis Volkan Sabaz Primary School.


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School: Şehit Polis Volkan Sabaz İlkokulu 25 students are involved

Projects 2020

How do we measure the temperature of the earth?

We introduced our students to a meteorology engineer who specializes in climate within the scope of the "Climate Action" project. He answered the questions our students were curious about the climate.

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My Student Presentation

Atık oyunu/Our waste game

Our students played our waste game that teaches where to throw waste within the scope of our project.

Common Environmental Issues Game

I  prepared games for students on environmental issues.


We made bags from old T-shirts


To explain the importance of protecting the environment. We designed bags from old t-shirts with our students.

Our students designed the environment they want to live in.


We organized a student webinar within the scope of the Climate action project. Pakistan Azarbaycan, students met in Turkey webinar. They shared their work with each other. Pakistani teacher answered the questions of our students. We read poems. We watched presentations.


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