Deepika Suman

Co-teacher: Ritu Sharma and Sheeja Sherif
I am a middle school leader with over 16 years of experience and a skill set in the education industry. I am deeply committed to environmental conservation and provide opportunities for my students to raise awareness about environmental issues both inside and outside the classroom. I am skilled in curriculum planning and innovative pedagogical practices. 


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School: New Indian Model School, Dubai 30 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-14 Year

Projects 2022

Interschool Climate Change Conference

Students of New Indian Model School, Dubai collaborated with the Sister Nivedita School, Banglore, India. Students from both sides exchanged their views on climate change and provided solutions to tackle this problem.

Climate Change- Problems & Solutions

Students discussed the problems caused by the Climate Change and provided solutions.

Classroom discussion

Students discussed various solutions to tackle problem of climate change. 

Plantation in School

Students from New Indian Model School, Dubai, participated in plantation drive in school. They used recyclable plastic bottles for the plantation. This activity was conducted by the Agro Club in school.


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Images by Deepika Suman 2022-10-30Suman
Images by Deepika Suman 2022-10-30Suman