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School: S B Patil Public School 40 students are involved The average age of the students: 13-14 Year

Projects 2022

MONSOON EXPLORER - To find the effect of climate change on monsoon creatures found in school campus.

 First we divided students into 6 groups out of which three were assigned to explore the school campus and the rest their own societies.

            Students made a list of different creatures seen in the monsoon season.

                      They also noted down the number of species they found during the three campus surveys (1PT Lecture ,2 Science Lectures) in school.

                     Two student representatives of Eco- club, Master Pushkar  and Athrav bhise  interviewed one of the senior most faculty members Mrs.Nirupama Kale who has been working in our school for 9 years. Students asked various questions regarding the changes in the number of monsoon creatures she has noticed in these years of teaching in this school.

                    One of the group interviewed our school gardener Mali kaka who has been working in our school for 10 years.

                         On the basics of various surveys conducted, students   presented data and completed their final report.

  1. What was the outcome of the task:  
  • Students understood that there has been a decrease in the no of monsoon creatures in the last ten years.
  • Students realized the reason behind this decrease is that initially school was surrounded by agricultural  land and greenery but the   urbanization  and rising concrete jungles have impacted the food and habitat  of these creatures in  the course of time disturbing their food web and deteriorating their population. 


Images by Darshana Kamat 2022-10-12Kamat
Images by Darshana Kamat 2022-10-12Kamat