Conie Toh

I am from KL, Malaysia. I received both my Bachelor's Degree and Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from University Putra Malaysia (UPM), where I graduated with first class honours. I am a certified Science teacher with 10 years of teaching experience in secondary education at secondary/high school. This will be my sixth year at my current school, teaching both Science and Physics subjects. On a side note, I’m also a teacher advisor for Girl Guides and the teacher-in-charge of my school


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School: Sri Bestari Private School 80 students are involved

Projects 2021

Causes & Effects of Climate Change in Malaysia (Group 2_1 Gandhi)

Effects of Climate Change in Malaysia (1 Napoleon)

Class-to-Class Virtual Exchange on Climate Action Project 2021 (India & Malaysia)

Sri Bestari Private School & Children's Academy Ashok Nagar Mumbai


Images by Conie Toh 2021-10-21Toh
Images by Conie Toh 2021-10-06Toh
Images by Conie Toh 2021-10-06Toh