Charlotte Lemaitre


I am a BSB Geography teacher, Global Issues Network facilitator and cross country enthusiast. I am driven by a strong belief in Inquiry and student agency. I love experimenting with new technology and creating new student projects, in order to enhance teaching and learning in my classroom and beyond.

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Paul Christmas & Louisa Tunstall

School: British School of Brussels

Projects 2018

A selection of 2 minute videos created by BSB students in class.

In the first week our Year 9 classes researched global and local causes of Climate Change.

In groups they were set the challenge of producing a short 2 min video in submitting this video in less than a week.


Link to video 2 created using an online site

Climate Change video 3

Another example of a Climate Change video created by students at the BSB.

Climate Change Causes Video 4

Climate Change video 5

Climate Change Causes - Video 6

Climate Change video 6

Video which covers how much energy we use in a day.

Climate Change video 7

Excellent 4 mins video created by BSB students, which covers the causes of climate change.