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School: Mount abu school 100 students are involved

Projects 2022

Intro of climate Action#plantation#soil conservation

Week 1
"Take urgent action to combat climate change and it's impacts. "
To create awareness about #SDG13 the#IBPYP #Balanced learners of MOUNT ABU JUNIOR initiated Climate Action project. 
The #IB leaners of the school enthusiastically took #Action and performed a #PlantationDrive. The learners truly believe
 in 'Lets plant together for a Greener Future.'

"The nation that destroys it's soil destroy's itself." To create awareness about the importance of the #soil, the #IB #PYP learners of the school did a soil conservation activity which reflected upon how soil holds and purify the water.

Cleanliness Drive

Mount Abu Junior School organized a Cleanliness Drive under the campaign of climae action to escalate awareness amongst learners about the significance of cleanliness and hygiene.
Our troop of learners armed with brooms and banners  took the great initiative of cleaning the atrium,  garden area, outside premises of school, studio and corridors.
Drive  turned out to be a great practical learning experience for our pyp learners. 

Say no to plastic

Week 3
Sometimes problems are so huge that our small efforts seem like only drops in the ocean. 
That may be true, but every time you choose to say no to single-use plastic you’re keeping our earth a little greener and the ocean a little cleaner.
Our little “Climate Control Saviour troop”  displayed how we can decrease our plastic footprints by doing away with plastic use.


Images by Bhawna Arora 2022-10-23Arora
Images by Bhawna Arora 2022-10-23Arora
Images by Bhawna Arora 2022-10-23Arora
Images by Bhawna Arora 2022-10-23Arora