Souad Belcaid


I have worked as a teacher in Massachusetts, Kansas City, Egypt, and Morocco. In 2007, I received a Teacher of the Year Award after having taught in the Milton Public Schools French immersion programme for 12 years. In 2015, I was among the top 50 shortlisted nominees for the Global Teacher Prize. I have a Masters in Technology and Education, an Advanced Math and CAGS certificate.

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Ms. Elizabeth Lapon

School: Riverbend School, Natick, Massachusetts. USA

Our Projects

Introduction: Climate Change

The Riverbend School seventh graders researched climate change and watched a BrainPop video. They worked collaboratively in groups. 

Cause and Effects

The eighth graders researched the cause and effects of climate change.and watched a video. They worked collaboratively together as a group.


7th Grade at Riverbend School, Massachusetts.