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Deborah Ullreich

School: Gymnasium Wien 21, Ödenburger Straße

Our Projects

Climate Change - GRG 21 Ödenburger Straße, Vienna, Austria

In our first week, we tackled the complex topic of climate change globally and in Austria specificially

Our final Video shows Austria and follows to present the following topics:

- What is climate change?

- What are the consequences?

- The Paris Agreement

- general and global causes

- specific causes for Austria

URL to Video on OneDrive

Who are we and what is climate change

Students created first a small intro video and cut it themselves to introduce themselves.

During our lessons this week they spread out and searched for sources - what is climate change, how does it affect our lives.

Then they wrote a script and let a computer generated voice talk their script.

They completed the video just on time with CC0 Picture material so the script relates to pictures.

Feel free to see the result:

Causes of Climate Action

Our students researched the many causes of climate change.
They reflected on many sources and finally created a video-presentation, in which they summorize their findings. They are beginning to realize that the topic is broader than they had supposed and have enlisted the support of several other subject teachers for more background.
Let's act againtst climate change together.

Watch our students brainstorming in action here:

Finding Solutions for climate change

Using analog and digital technology combined, we started brainstorming on solutions for climate change
and came up in the end with 2 actions we want to take.
Curious? Have a look in our sway!