Ana Vasconcelos

Hi! My name is Ana Vasconcelos and I'm currently teaching at Escola Secundária Almeida Garrett, Vila Nova de Gaia.


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School: Escola Secundária Almeida Garrett 26 students are involved

Projects 2022

Causes of Climate Change (What is Climate Change? What causes Climate Change?)


Students started to astablish a shared definition of climate change by: -

 Differentiating weather vs. climate 

 Starting to create a list of trusted climate change experts

 Examining accepted definitions offered by trusted experts

 Exploring how the climate is changing in their country/area and the local activities that are contributing to climate change.

 Explaining how their local community compare to the country and to the world?.

The Effects of Climate Change

Students worked in groups on the effects of climate action, locally, on four areas: plants, animals, weather patterns, human activity and lifestyles.

Students made four videos, listed some effects of climate action, and searched for images.

Students are going to plant a tree.

Causes and effects globally

After watching videos submitted by other classroooms and students in two continents, for resemblances and differences of causes and effects of climate action worldwide, students used data to predict the future impact of climate change, made videos and collected images.


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