Kris Moors

Co-teacher: Bea Toppet, Sam Ottoy, Frederik Lerouge, Carmen Van Mechelen, Sigi Berwaers
I'm a lecturer at University college PXL in Diepenbeek, a green campus in the East of Belgium. I hope to pass my passion about soil  and nature to my students as well in class, during outdoor practicals as during personal interaction with them. My students are mainly studying Green management and do have a big heart for nature, climate and related problems.

School: University college PXL 80 students are involved The average age of the students: 18 and up Year

Projects 2022

Courses of Climate change - group 1 PXL Belgium

Our students made een presentation where they subscribe the main courses of climate change. This presentation was made by group 1.

Effects of climate change group 6 PXL

The students describe some of the climate disasters of 2022.

Presentation about the atmosphere and climate change

In this video students talk about the atmosphere and the effects of Climate change. We presented this and other presentation for a school in Bulgaria.


Images by Kris Moors 2022-10-06Moors
Images by Kris Moors 2022-10-13Moors