Ramila Ramamurty

Co-teacher: Ms.Dipti Palande,Ms.Sushila Sathaye, Ms.Naseem Khan,Ms Bithika Haldar,Ms.Palak Udasi,Ms. Manjusha Pillai
I am an enthusiastic teacher, love to sensitize and create awareness in young generation about the environmental issues and the ways to tackle it. I am a passionate gardener and a nature enthusiast who believes in co-existence.In order to create awareness, We have started Eco-Club in our school, where we take up activities such as tree plantation, energy conservation, water conservation and solid waste management. I am associated with organisations like Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal(Enviro Vig


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School: Pawar Public School, Dombivali 150 students are involved The average age of the students: 8-14 years Year

Projects 2022

We are the cause!

Week 1 started little late for us as we had our First terminal Examination.We are involved in Climate Action Project since last two years so Children were aware of the type of discussion we were planning to have.When we discussed they immediately expressed their view through their drawings and slogans.Students of Grade 3-Grade 8 are involved.We discussed about the cause of Climate change in our locality that is Dombivali,Maharashtra which is located in the western parts of India.

This year we noticed longer dry spells between the rains during the monsoon.In the month of October winter season starts,but this year heavy rains continue till date.This change was noticed by everyone.We have EcoClub activities in our school through which we decided to carry out the action plans.


Images by Ramila Ramamurty 2022-10-16Ramamurty
Images by Ramila Ramamurty 2022-10-16Ramamurty