Sayuri Hasegawa

Sayuri teaches English as a Foreign Language to students of education and child development at a private university in Japan. She also team-teaches English to elementary school children at a local Japanese public school. She is interested in having students learn language through global project-based learning and in supporting students become part of a global community that takes action for a common goal--leaving the world a better place for the planet and all that live there

School: Meiji Gakuin University 12 students are involved The average age of the students: 20-21 Year

Projects 2022

What is Climate Change?

Effects of Climate Change--an Intergenerational Dialogue (interview)

Students interviewed an older generation to ask about their personal experiences of and opinions on climate change. The questions were as follows:

1) Do you think Climate Change is a hoax?

2) Why? What is your evidence?

3) What do you think is the cause?

4) What do you think should be done? 

5) Other (create your own question)

Students created slides (see impressions) and exchanged interview results.


Effects of Climate Change--Scientific evidence

Following interviews of older generations about their personal experiences and opinions on climate change, students researched scientific evidence for the effects of climate change on flora, fauna, weather and human activities/lifestyles, locally in Japan.

Climate Change Interactions

Students from Japan had an asynchronous interaction through flip with Belgian students in the Department of Green & Tech, PXL University of Applied Sciences. We exchanged self-introductions by recording videos and leaving comments under them. We also exchanged slide presentations that focused on the effects of climate change in Japan and Belgium. Japanese students watched and listened to Belgian presentations and left comments of impressions and learning. They were delighted to learn about Belgium, get to 'meet' Belgian students, and be informed that some practiced Japanese martial arts. Thank you very much to Professor Marleen Schephers and her students for a warm and informative exchange that renewed our resolve to work with others to tackle the problem of Climate Change.

Solutions & Taking Action

Students researched Climate Action initiatives taken globally and locally, and shared them with each other along with their own group's action ideas in the form of a slide presentation. Furthermore, inspired by WWF's Forest of Promises* (2021), we decided to continue taking action by writing personal promises and demands for our leaders to tackle Climate Change, on leaves, expressed in the form of a tree called MGU Leaves of Promises.



Images by Sayuri Hasegawa 2022-11-12Hasegawa
Images by Sayuri Hasegawa 2022-11-12Hasegawa
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