Neetu Chaudhary

Co-teacher: Kusum Joshi
Hi I am Neetu Chaudhary I am a lecturer in economics at a government school in New Delhi,India.I love my profession. I have been teaching for last 20 years.It gives me a chance to educate and support the students belonging to a humble background. Being a teacher,gives an extra edge to contribute to the society. I ,along with my co teacher Ms.Kusum Joshi and our students is very excited to join this project for 3rd consecutive year.It will help us to dive more into this great concern.It will c


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School: R.P.V.V., sector 10,Dwarka,New Delhi 30 students are involved The average age of the students: 14-16 Year

Projects 2022

Introduction of Climate Change

Students learnt the meaning of climate change by exploring,talking with parents and grandparents and sharing their experiences with each other.

Causes of climate change

Students learnt about causes and impact of climate change.They made paper pens to replace plastic pens in order to reduce carbon footprints.

Causes and effects globally

Students explored the causes and effects of climate change at global level.We collaborated with a school from Beijing and learnt that they are having the problem of large number of private vehicles running on fossil fuels.Plastic pollution is another major problem in coastal areas.We too are facing the same issues in our country.


Images by Neetu Chaudhary 2022-10-08Chaudhary
Images by Neetu Chaudhary 2022-10-08Chaudhary
Images by Neetu Chaudhary 2022-10-25Chaudhary
Images by Neetu Chaudhary 2022-10-25Chaudhary