Patricija Hercog

I am a primary school teacher, working in a small village Branch school in Croatia. My school is Primary school Hinka Juhna Podgorač, Croatia, Branch school Budimci. My studenst are 6-10 years old. This year I have 1st class, students are 6 and 7 years old. I love participating in projects, love web 2.0 tools in my classroom. I fight to preserve a healthy planet. Always finding different learning resources, refreshing ideas and some new experiences. I try to give my students the


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School: Primary school Hinka Juhna Podgorač, Branch School Budimci, Croatia 9 students are involved The average age of the students: 8 Year

Projects 2022

1st week Climate Action Project

We are learning about the importance of being involved in climate changes. 

Climate action cleaning action

Students from Primary school Hinka Juhna Podgorac, Branch school Budimci, 2nd grade are having a cleaning action arround school yard. On the Word cleaning day they are cleaning school environment.

Making our planet better

Students are drawing clean planet.

Taking actions


Images by Patricija Hercog 2022-09-30Hercog
Images by Patricija Hercog 2022-09-30Hercog
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