United for the Climate
Week 6

Placed by Ana Fonseca 2020/Nov/13
Escola Secundaria Almeida Garrett
Europe Portugal


This past week students brainstormed ideas they relate to Climate Change using Mentimeter and they prepared to participate in a Skype meeting with a Romanian school, which took place on the 4th November. Some students and the 2 teachers attended some conferences from the webinar hosted by this Project.

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Images by Kashfa Neyaz 2020-10-02Neyaz
Images by Ana Fonseca 2020-10-09Fonseca
Images by Ana Fonseca 2020-10-19Fonseca
Images by Ana Fonseca 2020-10-26Fonseca
Images by Ana Fonseca 2020-11-09Fonseca
Images by Ana Fonseca 2020-11-09Fonseca