Reaching Out to the Masses
Week 5

Placed by Kashmira Jaiswal 2020/Nov/8
Navrachana School, Sama, Vadodara
Asia India



“Upcycle - A Detour From The Trash Cycle” revolves around the idea of contributing towards the environment in whatever little way one can in order to sustain it. It introduces upcycling, a newer and more eco friendly version of recycling. The talk brings into picture an original upcycled product designed to curb the plastic menace and contribute positively to the environment. The link of the youtube video is that of a TED Talk beautifully used as a platform by Khushi Purohit, Head girl of Navrachana School Sama and currently in grade 12 to talk about upskill to upcycle a project that she has been constantly working on since a year and a half. 

Upskill refers to equipping oneself with a new skill. Through this project being taken up by the school students are being taught stitching, one among the many skills which is in turn widening their horizon of learning.

Upcycling involves taking an item that would otherwise be waste and improving it in some way to make it useful again. Upcycling isn’t just transforming objects into better versions of themselves; often, objects get repurposed to offer a different function entirely. Like plastic bottles being used as pots, old clothes used to make bags,and many more.

The only limits to upcycling are your imagination and your skills. However, if you need to do something that’s not in your skillset, you can either give it a go and learn a new skill or ask someone else to do it for you.

Thus, Navrachana has initiated this project known as upskill to upcycle.


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