Psn Rangers @Pathways school
Week 1

Placed by Aprajita Ralli 2021/Oct/2


We are not aiming to protect the environment, we are trying to create an environment which doesn’t require protection.

We are the students of MYP 4, studying Integrated Humanities at Pathways School Noida, and truly believe in the idea of nurturing our nature, especially when it needs us the most. So if you are also a nature lover or rather love life, come give us a hand in action for sustaining our beloved nature!Our goal is to spread awareness about how our identity is because of the climate we live in, and we are contributing to harming that environment. We aim to identify and imply changes we can make in our daily life which can become reliable long term solutions for sustaining our climate.

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Images by Aprajita Ralli 2020-09-30Ralli
Images by Aprajita Ralli 2021-10-02Ralli
Images by Aprajita Ralli 2021-10-19Ralli
Images by Aprajita Ralli 2021-10-19Ralli