October 2020 SPOTLIGHT: In order to achieve carbon neutrality we pledge to cultivate and cement our partnership with Climate Action Project and enthusiastically participate in each of their initiatives
Week 1

Placed by Shalini Shalini 2020/Oct/4


An endeavour to raise student voices

We undertook this collective endeavour, as we carry collective accountability towards Mother Earth. We may find multiple reasons to neglect and avoid the scientific judgements behind climate change and its atrocities; facts, however, remain unchanged. It is undoubtedly the case that young and upcoming generations must make sincere efforts, towards this very cause. It is imperative that we keep our torches burning; torches we have lit to resolve innumerable predicaments throughout history, and ones which can rescue our planet from the clutches of pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, melting glaciers and temperature rises. At DPS International Gurgaon, we are dedicated to contributing our efforts through these meaningful initiatives. It is our belief that we are in possession of all the facts, ideas and solutions that we need to enact permanent change in tackling this pressing crisis.

The first step towards solving any predicament, even one of the cataclysmic proportions such as this, is deconstructing the problem. This process begins with a clear identification of the issue in front of us. The next step is to understand and analyse its root cause and separate the wheat from the chaff by examining the evidence for each explanation. Then, after these steps, the scale of the issue must be understood so that we can combat the issue at each level commensurate to our abilities. One can approach this in many ways. One of these is starting at the personal level and using increasingly larger perspectives until the entire picture comes into focus.

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