Navrachana's Plantation Project
Week 2

Placed by Kashmira Jaiswal 2020/Oct/11
Navrachana School, Sama, Vadodara
Asia India


Over the course of a few months, Navrachana School Sama has contributed to the green cover with full enthusiasm and determination. Having been emotionally touched with the drastic impact that humans have on the environment, the students of Navrachana School Sama established a legacy of planting over 50 trees on our beloved principal's birthday annually.

Not only that, the school conducted numerous workshops and seminars with prominent Indian identities in the field of environment preservation to spread awareness amongst the students. One of the workshops that the students actively participated in was the "Seed Ball Making" worskshop conducted in the month of October.

Navrachana School Sama has also planted 3 vertical gardens in the past year by re-using plastic bottles for the same, thereby contributing to the environment and climate change through afforestation and upcycling.

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