"Let's Be Change Makers!" A research based Project to Act on Climate Change
Week 1

Placed by Menese International School 2019/Oct/8


This project is designed to integrate varied English language  skills and technology.The project is based on the school's vision to support global sustainability.Learners  do the project based on the knowledge they gain through  using WEbquest, a digital platform to conduct research.Tasks are assigned according to learners' multiple inteligences, learning styles, and readiness.In English language Arts Writing Sessions,all learners conduct independent research activities to answer essential questions about climate change.The research findings are categorized in four sections: Why does Climate Change Matter? The shocking facts about the topic.The causes& effects, and the solutions.The suggested solutions include working on recycling plastic bottles to make ECOBRICK to substitute the materials that we get by cutting trees.Learners share their finding to raise awareness of the topic through different mediu: RAP SONG, NEWS BROADCAST, DIGITAL GALLERy, & CAUTIONARY SLOGANS.

All tasks take place through collaborative practices using Microsoft Teams& Microsoft OneNote.

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