Esse - Nature
Week 2

Placed by Valbona Shkëmbi 2020/Nov/23
Koço Korçari secondary school
Europe Albania


 We are facing all the problems associated with the inevitable extent of cities, urban areas and industrial centers. In this process the protection of nature it should not be taken into consideration, but it must be an obligation. Otherwise we will suffer, we will torture, destroy, poison and slay ourselves our. But before this happens, we will be crazy. But before that, we will dive into garbage piles created by ourselves. Now it is summer and this is the most suitable season for tourism and vacation. Like every year, along our beaches, parks, lawns, forests, river banks and the lakes will find once and again large amounts of paper, bottles, cans, bones shredded, leather and again bottles and again cans, as well as plastic bags, spray boxes, rubber products, dirty knives and dirty rags. Did you know that what is the main source of all these abandoned and spotless waste? They are those people who just cross the threshold of the house wear slippers not to carpet is done; the same people who wear a slap on their baby, be it for a small stain on the breadcrumbs. While in the bay of nature where they relax and so comfortable and so good, forget that everything that falls from their hands on the ground, it will remain there, because they do not raise it from the ground. These people, when they leave the country where they ceased, never take a look at the place to see the debris left behind.


Images by Valbona Shkëmbi 2020-11-23Shkëmbi
Images by Valbona Shkëmbi 2020-11-22Shkëmbi