Effects of climate change - locally
Week 2

Placed by Ludmila Zavorotnaia 2020/Oct/19


Like the rest of the world, our country is facing the effects of climate change:

1. This year, droughts have hit our country, leaving a great hole in our (highly based on agriculture) economy. 

2. The temperatures this summer have hit 40 degrees Celsius and above.

3.The vegetation period has been going through modifications, and the displacement of ecosystem has been prolonged. 

4. Other potentially affected sectors include transportation, enegry supply, water regulation and health and households management.


This week's video is combined with week 3 video for the mutual purpose of presenting the effects of climate change.


Images by Ludmila Zavorotnaia 2020-11-18Zavorotnaia
Images by Ludmila Zavorotnaia 2020-11-18Zavorotnaia