Effects of climate change
Week 2

Placed by Pratham Prakash 2020/Oct/16
Sri Chaitanya
Asia India

  1. Increase in the frequency of natural hazards over the least decade
  2. Increase in the impact of natural disasters. In the last few years, disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis etc have been becoming stronger when it comes to their impact on human life. More people are being are being afflicted by these hazards. Due to the increase in strength of these disasters, it becoming harder to contain and fight such situations.
  3. Seasons are becoming extreme in nature. If it’s raining, cities seem to go underwater. If it’s summers, every year we have a new highest temperature ever recorded.
  4. The average sea level has been rising drastically due to global warming. We are losing our polar ice capes faster than ever.
  5. Our planet is warming up due to increase in temperature cause by global warming and deforestation.  

I have taken a small initiative to adopt three plants and it is my responsibility to look after them throughout my life. It will be my duty to tend to all their needs and to make sure that they grow into mature full grown trees. I have attached the pictures of my baby plants soon to turn into mature trees below


Images by Pratham Prakash 2020-10-16Prakash
Images by Pratham Prakash 2020-10-20Prakash