Dr. Jennifer Williams

​​Our students today need to be engaged in authentic experiences that connect them to real people and real problems of our world. Through the sharing of stories and with unified efforts to tackle global issues, students can begin to discover the power they each have in making a difference at local and global levels. The Climate Action Project, connecting students from 64 countries and 250 schools, provides a unique opportunity for classrooms to take ACTION on climate change and to find their role in the United Nations’ Agenda for Sustainable Development. Climate change is an ideal topic for concentration as this issue is not one that sees borders of countries or is focused on any one geographic location---this is a problem for all---which means every single person can be part of a solution. Together as teachers, through experiences such as The Climate Action Project, we can #TeachSDGs and mobilize as world educators to reach the global goals by 2030. Dr. Jennifer Williams Florida, USA United Nations’ Global Goals Educator Task Force, #TeachSDGs