Climate change- week1
Week 1

Placed by Milena Ivanova 2020/Oct/2
Secondary school "Panayot Volov"
Europe Bulgaria


 We, like all young people, are excited about the world we live in and care about the nature and our future. We joined the Climate Change campaign because we want to try and change the negative opinion of young people that  the world is doomed and there is nothing we can do.

 We approached the topic of Climate Change with a brainstorm of what climate means us – nature, warm weather, rain, heat, weather, rain, dryness and humidity and what is change - different, news, problems, probability and non-standard. We collected and discussed the offres and made the following conclusions:

     • that nature is a major factor in life on Earth;

     • that over time climate changes and this affects us humans;

     • that it is of great importance today and now to take care of our future and that of our children


 Climate problems lead to a reduction of natural resources, which leads to changes in our daily lives. Also, the climate in a given season is not what it was years ago. Winter begins much later every year. Also, compared to previous years, when it snowed at least once a week in the winter season, it is now much different because it snows or rains very rarely, which we also associate with water shortages. Snow has an effect on the water level, because when the snow melts it helps to restore the water mass, but this cannot be done because the rainfall is not enough. Insufficient snow is also one of the reasons for infertile soils. The lack of any kind of precipitation is due to the increased temperatures during the cold seasons. The examples we have given so far and the fact that there have been quite unusually cold days over the past summers are proof of the shift in the seasons.

In our region last year the rains and the amount of snow in the winter decreased and this led to a decrease in the water in the Ticha dam, from which the region is supplied with water. In some of the villages was introduced a water regime and the local government started looking for alternative sources of water supply for our town. The water shortage affected the cultivated vegetables, which failed to grow because their roots dried up. In the summer season there was an inconvenience for the households because they couldn’t maintain the necessary hygiene in the houses. They had to live without clean water because their source was almost or completely dry.

 In our opinion, the causes of climate problems are the irresponsible attitude of people towards nature, as another example of this is the cutting off of the trees and polluting. Factories and vehicles are also a big factor because they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which cannot be purified because there is not enough vegetation.

 The consequences of climate change are the shift of seasons, rising temperatures, reduction of natural resources, reduction or extinction of certain animal species, reduced soil fertility, reduced yields of various crops, pollution of groundwater and open water sources, pollution of air, the development of microbes and molds that cause allergies in humanThe difference between climate and weather is that climate is the regime of weather, the weather  refers to a given period of time. We can find out if the weather has changed by measuring temperatures. A different season does not change the whole climate of an area. We can find out if the climate is changing by comparing the measured temperatures in a given area over a period of time.


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