Climate change video week 1 made by the pupils of BE2 -4th Gymnasio Prevezas -Greec
Week 1

Placed by Barbara Zadraveli 2020/Oct/4
4o Gymnasio Prevezas
Europe Greece
Teacher of Arts


The pupils of our Eco-Group , ETwinning / Erasmus+ project 'Eco-Herit@ge matters 'worked on the causes of Climate change , debated in the class , created PPTs and finally came out with the following video answering the driving questions of the First week of the wonderful Climate change Action Global project !!!

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Images by Barbara Zadraveli 2020-10-04Zadraveli
Images by Barbara Zadraveli 2020-11-01Zadraveli
Images by Barbara Zadraveli 2020-11-08Zadraveli